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July 26, 2017

Keep your journey peaceful


* Avoid carrying your luggage or handbag on the sides or over your head. While you could drag a small trolley bag down the isle, there is a chance of it getting stuck or hurting someone’s foot. Once you’re in the aisle it is best to carry all bags in your hand in front of you even if they have wheels.

* As airlines cram more air passengers to obtain maximum mileage from every flight, we tend to cram our belongings into the limited bin space available for baggage storage. A good way to make the most of the available space and help fellow passengers too is to store your bags in a vertical position instead of horizontal.

* Lend a hand. Not only is this polite but also ensures efficient utilisation of the limited bin space available. Proactively offer to hoist someone’s luggage up there and you take the first step towards being a courteous fellow passenger.

* Given the seat block or the extra charges imposed by airlines for booking preferred seats, sometimes families or large groups find it difficult to get seats together.

Be considerate if a family is struggling to find seats together near you and you are a solo traveller. But don’t be hurry to swap seats while passengers are still boarding, as it will only add to the chaos. Let the plane reach cruising altitude and then move your seat if you can.

* Recline your seat with caution if it is absolutely necessary or others too seem to be relaxing during an overnight flight. Leaning back by reclining your seat hugely compromises on the leg space available for the passenger behind you. A travel pillow is a good alternative.

* The passenger in the middle seat has very little room unlike passengers in the aisle or window seat. It is common courtesy to give the person in the middle seat both arm rests.

* Bring a neck pillow so that when you fall asleep, you can be comfortable instead of falling onto your neighbouring passenger’s shoulder and invading their personal space. It is not comfortable for the person sitting next to you. You can also use your tray as a headrest.

* The flight crew is there to ensure that you are comfortable and safe. Refrain from being rude and treating them poorly. Do not give them a hard time for asking you to turn off your electronic devices, wear your seat belt or restore your seat-backs. They do not create these rules. By asking you to do this, they’re only doing their job.


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